We Are Yung & Frish.

ron & ben.

2 designers.

based in munich.

detail lovers.

driven by curiosity.

animation hyped.

having fun.

best buddies.

About Us.

Basically we're just 2 weirdos from Munich doing lots of projects together. We're specialized in UI/UX since this is our daily profession, but we're interested in so much more. No matter if it's motion graphics, photography, cinematography, typography, projecting mappings, music or artsy stuff. Yung & Frish is our journey to combine all of these things. No matter what's coming next.

What Drives Us.

No matter if we're able to do the thing we imagine or not. Curiosity is the force that keeps us running. Willing to learn lots of different fields we're always hungry for pretty weird ideas.


Tons of ideas popping up every day. Not enough time to execute them all. We keep focusing that ones where we can be truly ourselves.


Since this started out with many fun projects, fun will always be a main factor of our journey. No matter if a project makes sense to start, when we were having fun doing it, it was f*ing worth it.